General information

Krasovskii Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences and Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B.N. Yeltsin organize the International Conference and PhD-Master Summer School ''Groups and Graphs, Metrics and Manifolds'' (G2M2).

All scientific activities will take place at Ural Federal University, Turgeneva st., 4, Yekaterinburg, Russia on July 22-30, 2017.

G2M2 aims to cover modern aspects of group theory, graph theory, 3-manifold theory (including knot theory), and some aspects of optimization theory.

The official language of the event is English.

The link to homepage of the event is .

The scientific program of G2M2 includes:

Plenary Talks

Slides are available.

Shaofei Du : Recent Developments in Regular Maps

Tatsuro Ito: Terwilliger algebras of (P and Q)-polynomial schemes

Alexander Ivanov: Graphs, Geometries, and Amalgams

Michael Khachay: Deterministic and Randomized Approximation Algorithms for the Traveling Salesman Problem and Its Generalizations

Denis Krotov: Latin trades of order 3

Alexander Makhnev: Eigenvalues of distance-regular graphs

Sergey Matveev:
1. Manifolds and elements of Catastrophe theory
2. Why is the hyperbolic metrics better than the Euclidean one?

Alexander Mednykh: Jacobians of circulant graphs and their generalisations

Akihiro Munemasa: A matrix approach to Yang multiplication

Danila Revin: Pronormality of subgroups in finite groups

Sergey Shpectorov: Non-existence of some strongly regular graphs via the unit vector representation

Vladimir Trofimov: Symmetrical extensions of graphs

Andrey Vasil'ev: On the k-closure of a permutation group

Mikhail V. Volkov: Algebraic properties of monoids of diagrams and 2-cobordisms

Yaokun Wu: Lipschitz polytopes of metric spaces

The minicourses

Vissarion Belyaev: On structure of finitary permutation groups (more)

Anatoly Kondrat'ev: A strong version of the Sims conjecture on finite permutation groups (more)

Alexandre Zalesski: Introduction to the character theory of finite groups of Lie type (more)

Contributed talks

Slides are available.



Scientific committee:

Alexander Makhnev (chair IMM), Sergey Matveev (co-chair CSU),

Alexander Gavrilyuk, Sergey Goryainov, Vladislav Kabanov, Anatoly Kondrat'ev, Denis Krotov, Natalia Maslova, Alexander Mednykh, Alexander Osipov, Ludmila Tsiovkina, Mikhail Volkov.

Organizing committee:

Vladislav Kabanov (chair IMM), Mikhail Volkov (co-chair UrFU),

Vitaly Baransky, Ivan Belousov, Sergey Goryainov, Anatoly Kondrat'ev, Elena Konstantinova, Anton Konygin, Alexander Makhnev, Natalia Maslova, Tat'yana Senchonok, Marianna Zinov'eva.

Steering committee:

Sergey Goryainov, Elena Konstantinova, Klavdija Kutnar, Alexander Makhnev, Natalia Maslova, Alexander Mednykh.